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Leo Cedarville Planning Comission

Planning and Zoning are the methods through which local government controls growth and development within its jurisdictional area, and each serves as a valuable management tool for local officials. Planning is the process through which local government determines land use, present and future, and complies the data needed to periodically reassess those determinations.

The Plan Commission composes, amends and oversees the Zoning Ordinance. They control all Primary and Secondary Plat /Subdivision Procedures. They control all zoning and rezoning of land. They review Special Exception Use applications and give recommendations regarding Land Use to the Council and Board of Zoning Appeals.

Zoning is a legal mechanism for implementing the plan. The Board of Zoning Appeals grant or deny applicants requesting a Variance(s), (which is a request for a use of land that is out side the “permitted uses” as written in our zoning ordnance, or a Development Standard Variance, again requesting permission to build something bigger or small, or closer to a property line, etc. than what is deemed as “permitted” in the zoning ordinance.)

Planning Commission Board: 

Board President: 

John Clendenen

Board Members: 

Jerry McDaniel, Greg Peck, Tim Richards, Brent Stronczek, Blaine Wieland, Tyler Witmer

Planning Commission Schedule

Plan Commission meetings are held at the Town Hall on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:00pm as applicants or board members deem necessary. Meetings are broadcast live and are available afterward on YouTube.

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