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Complaints Regarding Fiber/Cable Installation in Leo Cedarville

There has been much confusion, and incorrect information being circulated, regarding utility companies installing fiber cable lines within the Town of Leo-Cedarville. As has been posted in the East Allen County Courier, on the Town's Facebook page and on the Town's website, the Town of Leo-Cedarville is not contracting with, or responsible for, the communication companies currently doing work within the Town. These companies have received permits from the Allen County Highway Department and questions, concerns and or complaints should be directed directly to the customer service departments of the company doing the work. Unfortunately, misinformation is being posted on social media, specifically "Nextdoor" stating property owners should call the Town office regarding questions or complaints. This misinformation adds to the frustration when it is discovered the Town of Leo-Cedarville is not overseeing these projects. It is recommended property owners be certain of which company is working in the area before contacting the customer service line of that company. Note; QC Communication Inc. is a sub contractor for Comcast. Please help inform fellow citizens of the necessary procedure for gathering information or making a complaint.

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