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our history

small town, big personality

Cedar Creek Township was uninhabited from the time the Indians left in 1817 until 1833 when Mr. Wood from New York built a cabin on the bank of Cedar Creek. Mr. Wood left the wilderness home after one year and was followed to the Cedar Creek area by Jacob Notestine and John Manning, along with their families, who planted the first corn in the area in 1834. Later, in 1836, Mr. Notestine planted the first orchard with trees that he purchased from John Chapman, who was more popularly known as “Johny Appleseed.”

The population of the Leo-Cedarville area remained small from the time of the first settlement in the early 19th century into the late 20th century. During the 1990s, however, the number of people in Leo Cedarville began to increase rapidly. Our town has grown to 4,000 and expected to continue its growth as more and more people discover the delight that is Leo-Cedarville.  

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our history


small town, lots of space

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