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Leo Cedarville public event application

Special Event Form

Event forms are required for any public event held on public property or in a public right-of-way in Leo Cedarville. The definition of an event includes parades, fundraisers, 5-K races, marathons, festivals, block parties, fairs and other public gatherings planned for the downtown plaza area, alleys, streets or on other town property.  There is no fee for the event application, the purpose is to ensure the requested space is available and to provide notice to impacted parties. Park rentals do not require an event form, but a rental contract and fee are required for reserving park use.

Applications may be mailed to or dropped off at the Leo Cedarville Town Hall either in person or placed in the outside drop box located by the front door steps. 

13909 Pony Express Run, PO Box 408, Leo, IN 46765.

The application may also be emailed to Please feel free to contact the town office with any questions. (260) 627-6321

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